Sick Building Syndrome

One of the problems of health in the workplace is often complained of sick building syndrome. Sick building syndrome is a health disorder or symptoms suffered by a person not clear when in an enclosed work space and a refrigerated room.
Complaints of nasal congestion, headache, sore eyes, difficulty concentrating, dry cough, sore throat and nausea. Complaints will disappear by itself when the respective 15 minutes in the open air. But it appears again an hour later after returning to the original room.

The cause of sick building symdrome primarily accumulated material in a closed room (no ventilation). Breathing air quality and have a big impact. The particle size of 10 microns can be inhaled. Particle size of 2.5 microns can enter the lungs.
Material in the form of bacteria, germs, viruses, fungi, molds and mites (fleas), which originally carried by the people. The spread of bacteria, viruses and fungi are generally through the ventilation system. Other pollutants in the form of chemical compounds from materials such as carpets, furniture, cleaners, air freshener, printers, copiers, volatile organic compounds (volatile organic compound), and dust. Chemical contaminants is more dangerous and need a longer exposure time to accumulate in the body. Accumulation that causes fatality, such as kidney disorders, common cancers, and die in their productive age.
The density of people in the room affects the proliferation of materials in the room or in humans, especially when too crowded. More and more people in one room, the easier the accumulation and transmission of the disease. People passing by and spreading any contaminants brought into the room together.
Therefore the room with needed attention and hygiene control room is bigger than individuals. Transmission of disease is also more easily in crowded rooms. If anyone had a positive tuberculosis and release germs into the air, the bacteria can live for hours in the air so prone to inhalation of other people. The people in office who previously had chronic illnesses, like diabetes, are vulnerable to attack other diseases while in office.
Temperature also affects health. The people who work in information technology are vulnerable to respiratory illness because his office is usually very cold.
Standard Quality Standard Kepmenkes No 261/Menkes/SK/II/1998 about linhkungan Health Requirements Work states, temperatures are considered comfortable working atmosphere is 18-26 degrees Celsius, while the ideal humidity of 40-60 percent.
Prevent SBS
There are two ways to prevent sick building syndrome, namely in terms of pollutant sources and human.
In terms of the sources of pollution, various sources of pollution need to be kept away from constant contact with workers. Printers and copiers are placed in separate rooms. Room cleaning materials selected which is not toxic. Arrangement of materials and materials that can accommodate both and easily dust should be cleaned regularly. If possible there are air vents for outside air can enter in order to change the air. If it is difficult to be mounted air purifier.
On the other hand, strengthening the immune system becomes important to reduce exposure of the biological triggers. Regular exercise and eating healthy foods is very important for staying fit. If nutrients are difficult to fulfill the daily food consumption will be needed also taking vitamins that contain antioxidants.
Complaints related to indoor work can be very broad. Other factors such as noise, ergonomic furniture and lighting that is not potentially cause health problems of workers both physically, psychologically and emotionally. The rooms are too crowded for example, trigger stress which can re-create physical disturbances, such as headaches, stomach ulcers, colitis, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, asthma bronkal, and eczema.
Office manager should be aware of how a person's performance is very related to the health and quality of life.

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