Common injuries in Futsal

Futsal, sports indoor soccer, is increasingly popular in major cities of Indonesia. The sport allows a narrow area of ​​the land provides facilities similar to lawn football. Futsal is a solution for large cities which limited the area open. Even futsal has competed internationally recently.
Playing futsal really exciting, everyone can follow it just by renting a futsal field that is now widely available, one of which, in Jakarta. No need to be an expert first to follow this sport, even widely used for the socialization alone But after futsal is a sport that needs proper treatment, especially in implementation. Because one-one wants to be healthy, instead allowing the disease. It is important to note from the costumes (especially shoes) and heating, and cooling game.

Injuries that may occur
For futsal players who are just starting, often injured because of a lack of heating. One is the medical term "plantar fascitis". Plantar fascitis is swelling with pain due to a small tear in the plantar fascia muscle that occurs due to overuse or repetitive pull of the plantar fascia. This condition causes pain under the heel of the back near the heel. This is caused by repetitive motions that cause a sudden strain. Besides the lack of heating also caused a run on the pitch as hard as futsal field.
The second injury that may occur is "tendenitis Achiles". Perceived symptom is pain in the tendon that runs from the calf muscle to the heel, especially in the morning. Achiles tendinitis caused by overuse in the leg muscles, a hard court surface, proper shoes that do not (too narrow), has been long out of physical exercise and rheumatic diseases.
The third injury is a "strain" or "pegel-pegel". Ranging from mild to severe. This injury is caused due to exercise / excessive movement in a particular muscle.
In futsal same as in the sport of soccer, often when the players were kicking the ball, opposing players would also like to kick the ball so that the leg movements that have been measured can be more than expected because of the impact that can cause foot opponent whose name overstreching. Also because of the slippery field can lead to overstretching (less stretch) due to slip.
A rather severe injury is the "ankle sprains", these injuries can happen because "tekelan" of the opponent or when players want to kick the ball but not raise his feet so that the outside of your foot ground floor grind. Layman often call this injury as "pain ankle". Symptoms can be mild or severe, ranging from pain while walking up to the swelling. Handling injuries with medical rehabilitation

Handling injuries with a medical rehabilitation is divided based on the development of injury:
  1. Acute stage, the swelling and pain caused by swelling. Aiming to overcome the swelling, edema of the immobilization (not moving), ice packs, medicine and other modalities of therapy. Motion exercises can begin a limited and cautious.
  2. Sub-acute stage, swelling is reduced. Pain due to stretching of connective tissue. Aiming to reduce adhesions and contractures that is by active motion exercises slowly, gradually increasing intensity.
  3.  Chronic stage, inflammation / swelling disappear. Pain not due to the strain of connective tissue. Aiming for the recovery of function that is by stretching exercises, muscle strengthening and exercises the functions of motion gradually.
Heating and cooling is just as important to the game. To avoid injury to the muscle for futsal players is important to warm up, stretching before the game and also cooling after heating the game, especially on the foot before doing weight training can help prevent injury. Slight movements during the 3-1menit will warm up the muscles so the muscles more pliable and resistant to injury.

Cooling is reduced gradually before exercise training is stopped. For example with a jog. Cooling to prevent the occurrence of headache by keeping the blood flow. If weight training is stopped suddenly, the blood will collect in the leg veins and for a while causing reduced blood flow to the head. Cooling down also helps remove waste products (eg lactic acid from muscle), but the cooling does not seem to prevent sore muscles the next day, which is caused by damage to muscle fibers.
Stretching exercises do not seem to prevent injury, but it serves to lengthen the muscles so the muscles can contract more effectively and work better. To avoid muscle damage due to stretching, stretching should be done after warming up or after exercise, and every movement stretches held for 10 counts.


  1. akhirnya bisa berkunjung ke blognya pak dokter...

    betul dok, karena futsal seperti sepakbola instan kadang "pemanasan" sering diabaikan.

    nice info...

  2. Betul...betul... Orang suka ga pake pemanasan kalo mo olahraga tuh..
    Wah bisa gawat ya kalo sampe cedera otot.
    Kalo Futsal sih belom umum dilakuin cewe ya Dok ?
    Kalo squash Dok ? Kayaknya cewe juga bisa. Ada pembahasannya ga ? (hehe special order nihhh..)
    Tengkyu ya Dok.. :)

  3. @wulan audy
    Ok .. pada prinsipnya sih sama Mbak setiap aktivitas olahraga baiknya diawali dengan pemanasan dahulu.. nt coba saya cari referensi untuk squash ya.. :-)

  4. @agito
    Mari .. silahkan masuk Mas.. masih sepi nih postingya.. hehe
    ya betul banyak keluhan yang terjadi akibat tidak melakukan pemanasan pada saat akan berolahraga, salah satunya ya.. futsal ini
    suka futsal Mas ?
    ok trima kasih kunjunganna ya


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