Tips for Breaking Your Insomnia and Improving Your Sleep Quality

Having trouble keeping your energy up all day and feeling lethargic at your workplace are two bad signs indicating the need of a better sleep quality. Here I will give you some secrets to improve the quality of your sleep so you can start your day feeling energized. It will help you fight insomnia and stay active at your workplace.

1. Firstly, you should know how much sleep you actually need. Consequently, find out what is keeping you from getting enough sleep and try various techniques to help you rest well. These steps are important in getting a good rest. Never give up on finding the best technique that works for you. Getting to know how much time you need to rest is a good start to get better rest. In fact, sleep requirement is different for different people, but normally most people need no less than eight hours every day for best performance.

2. Do you have your own basic schedule for bedtime? Making your own bedtime schedule will benefit your rest quality. Practice makes perfect, try to get back in sync with your body clock. Shutting your eyes and waking up the same time your body needs to sleep and wake up is the way to go. You will feel more energetic and fresh. Regular bedtime is the way to go when you want to have a good night's sleep. Select the best time when you usually get tired.

3. Never break your schedule even if you need to stay up very late. Alarm will help you set up the required time to wake up. A weekend is not an excuse for you to wake up late. The problem is you might fall asleep before bed time. Just do some activities to avoid that.

4. Is your bedroom cozy enough? Keeping your bedroom comfortable will contribute much on how well you sleep. Now, check your bedroom for anything that needs fixing! Some people may be sensitive toward noises while sleeping and you could be one of them. Try to make your bedroom as silent as possible to obtain better sleep. Some studies have proven the effects of disruptive noises toward the quality of your sleep. So if you want to get quality bedtime, stay away from noises.

5. People might be afraid of sleeping in a dark room but it gives much benefit to your sleep. Switch on a dim light if you are afraid of the dark. You also can use eye mask for better rest. Do you know that your bedroom temperature also affects the way you sleep significantly? The optimum temperature for a good night's sleep is 65 F or 18 C with enough ventilation. It makes bed time more relaxing as it will stimulate better sleep and refresh your mind.

6. Alcohol is considered as a sleep stimulant. On the contrary, it reduces rest quality and makes you feel hung over when you wake up. Avoiding caffeine and smoking also help enhance your sleep quality. So if you want to improve your sleep quality, then try these things out. Good luck!

by Andry Sidharta Gautama

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