Our Body Runs On Water

Are you feeling tired, listless, or just plain out of sorts? It answer may be as close as your water faucet. Our body runs on water. Have you ever seen a plant that needed water, its leaves were drooping, the flower is started to close and droop, but when you give it just a small drink of water it perks up, the leaves plump up and the flower opens.

The human body is made up of 70% water; it uses water as the base for our circulatory, digestive, respiratory, lymphatic and nervous systems. All of our systems need to be fully hydrated to function best.

If our car is low on oil, the gunk and sludge, which is the natural result of combustion, has no way of getting to the filters to keep the viscosity needed for peak performance. It works the same in our bodies. The circulatory system, if dehydrated is unable to move all the wastes that our body makes to our filters, the liver and kidneys.

Our lymphatic system removes toxins from our system and gets it out of the body. One of the toxins it removes that you may have heard of is LDL Cholesterol. There is a whole list of drugs we can take to lower our cholesterol levels, why not start with plain water before resorting to chemicals.

If you have been admitted to a hospital or had the misfortune to need a ride in an ambulance, you know that one of the first things they do is get you on an IV solution. This makes it easier to give you any needed medications, but primarily it is to get you hydrated. The hospitals know that over 75% of adults are chronically dehydrated by at least 5%. Our bodies start to show symptoms of dehydration, at 2%, and the symptoms get more serious as out water levels decrease.

Dehydration symptoms range from, dry skin, headaches, constant thirst to more serious problems such as acute asthma attacks, confusion, heart palpitation and even death.

Most people think they get all the fluids they need from juices, coffee, soft drinks and other beverages. The truth is that the only fluid that really counts is water. That it, just plain old H2O, you can get it from the facet any time at no cost. If you want to waste your money with bottled water that your choice, as long as you gets your much-needed daily allotment.

How much you ask. The formula is simple take your weight in pounds divided by two and the end number is the number of ounces of water you need in a day. For example if you weigh 180 lb divide by 2 = 90 oz. of pure water every day.

The list of benefits of full hydration is too long to list here but just to mention a few, stop or vastly diminish the effects of asthma, stop heart palpitations, lower your cholesterol levels with medication, psoriasis or eczema can be helped if not cured, and the list goes on and on.

by David Chalmers

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