Avoiding Bin Smells - Rubbish And Hygiene Tips

There is nothing worse than a smelly bin. If its outside the home it can cause a nuisance to neighbours, attract vermin and make your home unpleasant to visitors, while a stinky bin inside the home will make the whole house reek and can take ages to air.

Bins are responsible for the majority of bad household odours but they can be avoided, and even the hardest working of bins does not have to give off smells.

The biggest weapon against smells is the bin lid, a poorly fitting lid is the cause of many unnecessary bin smells. If a kitchen or exterior bin has a decent lid then the majority of smells can be avoided. These types of waste receptacle often contain the smelliest of waste such as kitchen scraps, soiled nappies but if they are stored in a receptacle with a tight enough lid the smells shouldn't creep out.

Kitchen bins, for instance need to have a decent lid that fits snugly, this does have the problem of having to frequently open the lid, but an open bin in the kitchen will stink in next to no time. Nappy bins are another example and these have snugly-fitting lids to ensure no unpleasant smells escape.

Waste smells can last for hours if they are allowed to go untreated so it is important to ensure that bins are kept clean, especially if food waste is being disposed in there.

Not keeping a bin clean is another cause for smells and often they can get neglected when it comes to cleaning. Both the interior and exterior of a bin needs cleaning on a regular basis, many people give them a good wipe with a damp cloth every time they are emptied and normally this is enough to ensure they stay clean.

For bins which have to endure a lot of smelling waste, bin deodorizers will help prevent the smells from becoming too overpowering when the bin is emptied. Bin deodorizers are good for kitchen bins too if you have been cooking with rather stronger smelling ingredients than normal.

Another sure-fire way of reducing smells is to ensure they are emptied frequently enough. Food waste that has been left for a week is going to have become rotten and will inevitably smell, so ensuring the kitchen bin is emptied on a frequent enough basis will reduce the risks of bin smells from causing the house to stink.

by Richard N. Williams


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    There is nothing worse than a smelly bin. If its outside the home it can cause a nuisance to neighbours, attract vermin and make your home unpleasant to visitors, while a stinky bin inside the home will make the whole house reek and can take ages to air.


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