Why Laughter Is Beneficial for Health?

Is laughter a natural anti-stress agent?
This is one of the finest, most cost-effective anti-stress programs, easy to use and accessible to all people. There are lots of advantages of this particular practice, thus, they are well worth mentioning.

Since majority of people are exposed to everyday stress, laughter can help them reduce the level of stress hormones (epinephrine and cortisol). It dilates blood vessels, and what is more, it also improves blood supply to the muscles and leads to natural relaxation of the whole body. It has already been proven that there is a blood pressure drop of 10-20 mm, as well, after participating in a laughter session for 10 minutes. This doesn't mean that someone can heal himself only by laughing, but it will certainly have good effects on blood pressure, making it more stable or even stop certain disease to develop further.

Does laughing strengthen the immune system?

The researchers found that after laughter therapy, immunoglobulin "A" increases in the respiratory passage, which presents a certain protection against infectious diseases. What has also been noticed is the reduced level of catching colds, sore throats and infections of the respiratory organs with people who have more opportunities to laugh. The impact of laughter on our immune system is very important even when it comes to the most serious diseases.

Is laughing the best aerobic exercise?

After several minutes of laughing in the morning, people may feel fresh all day. One minute of laughing has the same physical effect as 10 minutes of exercise on the simulator that mimics rowing. Laughter exercises are particularly appropriate for people with reduced ability to move. They can laugh and feel that humor serves them well, making remarkable outcome. In general, laughter contributes to the strengthening of the muscle tone, which is after all a good prevention against weakening of the abdomen muscles.

Can laughter help me reduce pain?

Laughter causes the creation of endorphins in our body that represents a natural means if our organism is to fight against pain. Endorphin can help reduce the intensity of pain in people suffering from arthritis, spondylitis and muscular spasms, various types of migraines and tensions in the head.

Is laughter good for asthma and bronchitis?

One of the causes that results in severe attacks of asthma in most cases is an infection. Laughter can also be useful in alleviating asthma problems, because it increases levels of antibodies in the mucous of respiration tract, thus, reducing the risks of aspiration infections. Laughter accelerates the expulsion of mucus from the respiratory tract. On the other hand, laughter therapy can cause discomfort with people suffering from a severe bronchospasm. Those people should consult their doctor before deciding to take laughter therapy. Laughter strongly runs through diaphragm and abdominal muscles providing a good massage to all internal organs, especially organs of the belly and chest.

Does laughing make us look younger and prettier?

As far as its effects on looks, it is well known that it strengthens face muscles and improves the whole facial expression. When we laugh, our face is supplied with blood, a lot more than usual, which results in the nourishment the facial skin that on that way acquires a more beautiful color. When people laugh, our glands produce extensive moisture, making our eyes cleaner and thus giving them a dazzling look. Wrinkles on the face inevitably arise over time, but wrinkles from laughter give different face expression compared to those arising from anger or sadness.

Mirth brings people together, doesn't it?

There is a prevailing belief that people who regularly practice laughing exercises generally become more open to others. They develop empathy and care for others to a greater extent than those who do not regularly take this exercise. Small frustrations that are inevitable in everyday life do not cause serious disturbances, since people have already learnt how to overcome them and get out of such unpleasant situations unharmed.

As seen above, laughter and health  go "hand in hand", so you should not waste your time being gloomy and sad, when there is a great chance for you to improve your whole wellbeing. Just laugh, and you will see that sometimes it can be the best medicine.

 by Ivan gutic
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6254097

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