The Truth About Your Liver and Omega 3 Fish Oil

Just like your heart, the liver is a vital organ in every person's body with a function that is necessary and irreplaceable. The medical term that refers to the liver is Hepatic. As blood flows through the liver, this organ acts as a catch basin for all the toxins in the blood. In addition, the liver also functions in the production of various biochemicals that are necessary for proper breakdown and digestion of the food we consume.

Various diseases of the liver

There are several causes of a diseased liver. Most of the negative issues related to the liver come from the foods and drink we ingest. Other causes to a damaged liver can be from a physical nature related to an auto accident or other some other traumatic event. The national institutes of health estimates that a leading cause of liver disease can be traced to the large amount of processed foods Americans consume on a monthly basis. Other contributing factors to liver disease include excessive amounts of alcohol. This is the most common cause of liver damage and develops into cirrhosis of the liver.

Early detection and prevention is key

A simple blood test during your next check up can determine if you are at risk of developing any forms of liver disease. There is an all natural protection for the liver in the form of Omega 3 fish oil. The benefits of fish oil include acting as a protection against fatty liver. This condition is prevalent in people over the age of fifty. As the name states, fatty liver is where over ten percent of the liver is fat content. In addition to blood tests, any Radiologist can perform an ultra sound to quickly ascertain if fatty liver is present. Omega 3 fish oil has also been clinically proven to act as a check against LDL cholesterol by lowering cholesterol naturally. There also studies that have been conducted that infer that the therapeutic benefits of Omega 3 fish oil may also deter the onset of liver cancer.

Inflammation of the Liver

If you think about it, the very nature of the liver function, that is to filter the toxins out of the blood makes it even more important to practice good liver health. Inflamed or elevated enzymes in the liver are the byproduct of too many toxins. These toxins can include drugs that are designed to fight bad cholesterol. Just as we see in modern medicine based on the regenerative effects of immunotherapy and the stem cell, the human body appears to prefer solutions based on organic and natural therapies. Omega 3 fish oil is a natural non abrasive way to fight cholesterol and triglycerides as well as a host of other disorders of the liver.

Fish oil and Liver Cancer

There are now studies linking Omega 3 fish oil to possible prevention and treatment of liver cancer. According to a recent study at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, there is a clear correlation between Omega 3 fish oil and the fatty acids contain within, and the inhibiting of certain types of cancer cells. Hepatocellular Carcinoma is regarded as the most common of liver cancers and usually ends with death of the patient within three to six months after being diagnosed. According to this study, there was an apparent inhibiting of the growth of the cancer cells.


The evidence seems apparent that good liver health is essential to a healthy and productive life. With so many negative influences one this very vital organ it's encouraging to know that there is a natural way to lower cholesterol and provide protection against other destructive forms of liver disease.

 by James Morham
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6162908


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