Treating Dry Eye

Dry eye is a disorder that is often experienced, especially for those who work at the computer for a burr-hour every day, to linger in the area windy or smoky areas.
Dry eye / keratoconjungtivitis sicca (​​dryness of the eye due to a lack of tears) is usually characterized by a feeling of sand in the eyes, discomfort, dryness, hot flashes, can not stand the wind and can not bear read in a long time
With a variety of causes - among other less eye blinking, irritation due to contact lens use and air pollution. Dry eye is very disturbing event, therefore try to rest for a while after looking at the computer screen. You can close your eyes for just a minute eyeball can be moistened by nature and looked toward in addition to the monitor with a wink.
Similarly, do not direct the eye into the air that blows tight as a fan, hair dryer or near a window. It is strongly recommended to use glasses when in daerah2 like that.
if there is time, compressed eye a few minutes. This step is intended to reduce the redness and fatigue in dry eye.
In addition to the above steps, you can also use eye drops are sold in the market. But you must look closely at the composition of these eye drops to prevent something undesirable.

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