Keeping the foot of Health

Given the functions that are essential to support daily activities, it is appropriate that a limb on this one also always maintained his health for no soreness so easy all your activities undisturbed.
There are several things that can affect the foot, including following
Use comfortable shoes to wear in the activity daily. Shop best shoes in the afternoon. Size feet tend to change is greater in the late afternoon when after invited to move, so it's easier measure comfort when buying shoes at the time them.
For women who like wearing high heels, should get at the feet to break. How to work around this, can use low-heeled shoes or comfortable on the way to or home from work and only using high heels while in office.
Vary is also the right shoes ranging from low, medium to high, this also helps for the foot not constantly tiptoe every day.
Keep your feet clean by always changing with socks new. especially if the feet sweat easily. when it so every time shoes should be worn over aerated and do not directly inserted into cupboard. Because the fungi and bacteria that exist in the cupboard can be attached to the soaked shoes sweat. This is why shoes do not smell odor when worn again and will get unpleasant when worn again.
Therefore, try not to use shoes same in two consecutive days. Each time after activity, wash feet with warm water and soap and perfectly dry. Do not forget to clean the dirt that is in between the toes, which also can be source of bad smell in the legs.
one simple step that not only makes you feel comfortable when on the move ... but also for people around you right ?

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