Tips On How To Cure An Itch

Itchiness of the skin is one discomfort that some diseases like dermatitis, eczema, ringworm and many others can cause. You will surely be tempted to scratch the affected areas. The intense discomfort is just so tempting indeed. Most of the time fungi are the main causes of the itch as it may cause ringworm, athlete's foot and jock itch. Most of the time, your groin, feet, head and buttocks area are the most affected. It is surely an embarrassing gesture to scratch anytime you want especially if you are in public. Thus, you must cure itchiness no matter what. To do it, there are tips that can surely help you in doing the right thing.


One thing that you must know is that there are over the counter anti itching creams that you can buy to relieve the discomfort that you feel. Try to get a 10% hydrocortisone cream from the pharmacy. To use it, you have to wash the affected area first with antibacterial soap and water. Apply the cream topically on the areas affected. Just make sure that your hands are clean as it may introduce other bacteria on the itchy areas and cause more problems later on.


A lot of people have been using aloe vera to relieve the discomfort or the itchiness that they feel. It can be applied directly on the affected areas or you can take it orally. You have to know that there are various aloe vera preparations in the market such as creams and capsules. You may also use the plant itself.


Witch hazel can also be used to get rid of the itchy feeling especially if the itch was caused by bug bites or skin irritations. It has a natural astringent effect that can surely help in eradicating the discomfort or the itch that you feel. Always observe god hygiene while using this. You have to keep the affected areas clean all the time.


One of the most important properties of flaxseed oil is its anti inflammatory effect just like hydrocortisone. It does help a lot in giving you comfort as you suffer from some irritations in the skin. Use flaxseed oil depending on how it is prepared. It works well with eczema.


Fungi may cause the itchiness so you need to use anti fungal agents to get rid of it. Alcohol may be applied directly on the affected area. You may also use the juice of lemon topically to relieve the itchiness and replenish the acids in your skin. Salt may also be added to the water in the bathtub to relieve the itchiness.

Since there are various conditions that can cause itchiness, you must also be aware of the ways that you can do to relieve it. The tips are actually helpful for you. Thus, you have to remember them and make use of them in the future if ever you feel any itch.

by Jane Chaster

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