Just do not sleep soundly

Normally the best time to sleep for about 6-8 hours per day, less than that of the threat of diseases and health problems exist in plain sight. Among them are obesity, high blood pressure (hypertension), heart problems, diabetes and decreased immune system. Based on the research university in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, who did the study for 16 years and involving nearly 70,000 people, the result is about 30% who slept five hours or less in overnight weight tends to rise to 13.6 Kilograms than who slept longer.This happens because of lack of sleep affects certain hormones that stimulate the stomach become hungry faster. Meal even more. Also, when you lack sleep, stress hormones produsi will increase and cause inflammation. Akibanya risk of heart attacks and stokes increases. Lack of sleep also reduces the body's ability to regulate blood sugar levels so the body more vulnerable to diabetes. enough sleep also determines the high production of antibodies that the body canward off disease. Seeing the importance of sleep benefits should immediately change your sleep patterns to become healthy and quality, the way was not difficult. First - all you have to do is to sleep regularly every day. to neutralize the physical tension and your mind, regular exercise also needs to be done. For undisturbed sleep patterns, avoid consuming foods and beverages that contain caffeine and other stimulant substances, such as cigarettes and alcoholic beverages. Cigarettes are the human central nervous stimulant that can make it difficult to sleep, whereas alcoholic beverages can make your sleep becomes unsound. Structuring the bedroom, too, affects the quality of sleep, so you should avoid the ornament bedroom that color is too bright or busy patterns, create a good atmosphere in the bedroom by keeping the humidity and temperature of the room. Avoid things that can disrupt sleep such as television. Towards the stomach does not try to sleep in a state of hunger or satiety, other than that avoid large meals two hours before bedtime to prevent stomach discomfort when lying down. At bedtime liberate themselves from the disturbing mind winding. The problem today is enough for today. You need to prepare ourselves for the challenges of tomorrow.

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