Six Tips To Relieve Your Migraine

Migraine can hit anyone at any time. There are many factors that can cause a headache but one of the most common causes of headache is stress. What can be more stressful than heavy workload, traffic jam, deadlines, etc.? Did you suffer from headaches lately? If you do, you had better consult your doctor to give you preventive treatments rather than prescribing simple one time therapy.

Headache is generally a respond of human body to physical or emotional stress. Stress triggers contraction on the muscles at your head and neck. This tension creates the pain commonly referred as headache. Stress can also cause your blood vessels to dilate unevenly which causes migraine.

To some people, headache is very disturbing even though it rarely lasts long, especially when it happens during an important moment. Here are some tips you can try to relieve headache.

1. Ginger and tea
Ginger fights against migraine by inhibiting blocks prostaglandin synthesis. Ginger also helps relieve nausea which often comes with migraine.

How to make it:
Put some tea into water and bring them to a boil and then put some ginger slices into it. Put the lid on and leave it for 30 minutes.

2. Rub some thyme or rosemary oil onto your scalp
Drop one or two drops of thyme or rosemary oil on your finger and rub it onto the skin or scalp. Leave it for a couple of minutes. Thyme and rosemary oil contain carvacrol which is a substance that inhibits COX-II, an enzyme responsible for pain and inflammation.

3. Chamomile tea
Give yourself some time to get relaxed in your busy schedule. You need it to reduce the tension that causes headache. Chamomile tea contains a compound that can help you get relaxed to relieve the pain. Put some boiling water to a cup with a tea bag in it, cover it for 10 minutes before removing the tea bag. Add some honey or sweetener and enjoy it at a quiet place.

4. Soak your feet with peppermint and lavender oil
Some herbal therapists believe that soaking your feet with warm water is an effective solution for headache. Warm water will pull the blood to circulate to your feet to reduce the tension in the blood vessels at your head. A few more drops of peppermint or lavender oil can add some aromatherapy effects.

5. Magnesium
People often get migraine when they have low levels of magnesium. Make sure you take 400 mg magnesium a day to prevent headache.

6. Vitamin B2
A research shows that 400 mg of vitamin B2 every day for three months is effective to reduce migraine symptoms for more than 50% of the patients.

by Julian Hee

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