Blurred vision Dusk Age

Blurry eyes, the color looks faded, excessive glare when exposed to light and can not see well at night, and double vision on an object are some symptoms of cataracts.
Generally, cataract appeared in the age group above 60 years as a direct implication of the aging process. But with changing lifestyles, plural cataract found in those aged about 45 years. This is triggered by the influence of smoking, diabetes, accidents, inflammation of the eye, or the use of certain drugs.
Approximately 0.4 percent of babies born are also found having congenital cataract that occurs due to hereditary factors, chromosomal abnormalities, metabolic disease, to the use of certain drugs during pregnancy or childbirth.

Indonesia's position in the tropics create a potential for cataracts is very high. Selan factors age, cataracts can be triggered by exposure to ultra-violet sun rays. View of cataract patients have become blurred due to changes in lens clarity shrouded from the eyes of certain types of proteins.
The lens focuses incoming light plays into the eye to the retina. From the retina, the light transmitted to the optic nerve to the brain for interpretation. If the cataract lens membrane blindfolded, would interfere with interpretation of the brain to the object. If observed, the protein that surrounds the lens that looks like white spots or dirt on the pupil (black circle) of the eyeball.
The only way to deal with cataracts is surgery. The most widely used techniques are extracapsular extraction, ie lift and replace the original lens with an artificial intraocular lens.
Operations carried out by slicing and removing cataract layer, layer by layer until it reaches the eyepiece. After the original lens is removed, replaced with a lens planting. The success rate is very high action with post-operative complications is very small.
Actually, the risk of cataracts can be prevented by wearing sunglasses and a hat when outside activity, avoiding smoking and prevent diabetes, as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
The number of cataract patients in Indonesia is the second highest in Asia after India. According to the Health Survey Sense of Sight and Hearing years 1993-1996, rates of blindness to 1.5 percent of Indonesia's population (approximately 3.5 million people from 237.6 million today) and more than half of the blindness caused by cataracts.
The number of cataract patients increase every year 240,000 people but which can access only 120,000 people of cataract surgery patients. The result is a buildup of large penderita.Sebagian cataract patients are middle to lower economic groups. In fact many of them including the productive age group that must bear the economic burden of the family. Those living on the coast and work in the open are more prone to cataracts than those who live in the mountains or working in space.
Many patients can not access the cataract surgery due to the expensive cost. A number of institutions such as Perdami, Mata Heart, and the Indonesian Red Cross, often hold free cataract surgery. But it has not been able to reach all patients

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