Gender Confusion

Alterina Hofan airings case only iceberg of the many people with genital ambiguity in Indonesia. but this case shows the irony that people with genital ambiguity still fall victim to public ignorance
As an illustration Alterina prosecutors demanded seven years in prison for allegedly falsifying identity sebelunya women become men in December 2006. Though known as the Alter indrom Klinefelter patients. Patients with XXY chromosomes like the physical features of women, such as breast growth and no appearance of hair in some parts of the body, but androgynous men are genetically.
Klinefelter syndrome is just one of many cases of genital ambiguity> confusion is due to chromosomal aberrations or gene mutations, also alleged there is an external influence. such as the use of hormonal drugs in pregnant women.
Generally the disease is not caused by transcription factors. But for the case of Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH), illness of parents who have obtained gene carrier (carrier). CAH sufferers are women who have an enlarged clitoris until it resembles a penis, so often identified as a man. Broadly speaking, people with genital ambiguity can be male with female physical or otherwise, as in the case of CAH. Symptoms vary depending on the stage. Usually, men who suffer from gender confusion to have small testes and penis, accompanied by the growth of breasts. In fact, there is also to have hypospadias or leaking of the urethra between the scrotum (testicles) so that urine does not exit through the tip of the penis. If this case happened to women, the patient will look like men because the breast is not growing, menyeruapi enlarged clitoris penis, development of the body becomes like a man and sometimes berjakun. chances of people with genital ambiguity 1: 4500 births.

Early Detection
genital ambiguity or intersex, in contrast to transsexuals. In the confusion of gender, physical development does not correspond to genes or chromosomes, whereas in the case of transsexuals do not fit with the psychic of the patients concerned. Genetically and physically transsexual patients do not experience the problem, it's just that mental condition does not correspond to physical development.
To overcome the gender bias is needed early detection of chromosome examination and Deoxyribonucleid Acid (DNA) in newborns, in addition to physical appearance, to see the presence or absence of abnormality. In order to avoid detection and legal impact psikolgis acceptable penderitakarena genital ambiguity at a later date.
Under certain conditions during pregnancy examination is also required to ensure the presence or absence of defects in the fetus. This check is done if there is a certain risk to the mother, such as women over the age of 35, never having children who suffer from gender bias and have had recurrent miscarriages. Error identification of sex in the newborn can be fatal front of his mature later. Sebbagai example, someone who is genetically male sex, but life as a woman since childhood, will be familiar with a worldview and a woman's sexual orientation. So when it was decided to be restored to men, not only altered the physical but also psychological side ... not easy.

Psychological musty
Before it was decided to change sex, the team physician should already know the sex chromosomes and in accordance with the psychological aspects of the patient. Patients will experience a long process through various consultations. Usually involved a variety of specialties in the medical team such as genetics, andrology, urology, psychology, psychiatry, anesthesia, endocrinology, radiology, clinical pathology should also be involved religious scholars.
Psychic condition of patients is strongly influenced by the surrounding environment. The existence of society's negative assessment of the physical condition is concerned with making it difficult to shut down and accept his situation, other factors are education and sosilisasi about gender confusion so that people can understand better about this problem. During this time constraint in this disease is low awareness of patients to check themselves.
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Free sex Pain

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease caused by Neisseria gonorrhoeae that infect the inner lining of the urethra, cervix, rectum and throat or the whites of the eye (conjunctiva). Gonorrhea can spread through the bloodstream to other body parts, especially the skin and joints. In women, gonorrhea can rise to the genital tract and infect the membranes inside the pelvis, causing pelvic pain and reproductive disorders.

The bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

In men, early symptoms usually appear within 2-7 days after infection. Symptoms began as discomfort in the urethra, which a few hours later followed by pain when urinating and a discharge of pus from the penis. Patients with frequent urination and feeling the urge to urinate, which worsened when the disease is spreading to the upper urethra. Hole penis looks red and swollen. In women, early symptoms can appear within 7-21 days after infection. Patients with women often have no symptoms for weeks or months, and are known to suffer from this illness only after her sexual partners tertular.Jika symptoms, usually mild. But some patients show severe symptoms, such as the urge to urinate, pain when urinating, vaginal discharge and fever.
Infections can strike the cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, urethra and rectum; causes pain in the pelvis or pain during sexual intercourse. Pus that comes out can be derived from the cervix, urethra or glands around the vaginal opening.
Women and homosexual men who have sex through the anus (anus) may suffer from gonorrhea in the rectum. Patients feel uncomfortable around her anus and the rectum discharge. The area around the anus looks red and rough, covered by stool mucus and pus.
On examination with anaskop will appear mucus and fluid in patients with rectal wall.
Sexual intercourse by mouth (oral sex) with someone with gonorrhea can cause any gonorrhea in the throat (gonococcal pharyngitis). This infection usually causes no symptoms, but sometimes cause sore throat and swallowing disorders.
If infected fluid on the eye then it could happen outside of the eye infections (conjunctivitis gonorrhea). Newborns can be infected by gonorrhea from her mother during the birth process, resulting in swelling of the eyelids and pus from her eyes out. In adults, similar symptoms can occur, but often only one eye is affected. If left untreated this infection can occur blindness.

Infection sometimes spreads through the bloodstream to one or several joints, in which the joints become swollen and very painful, so that its movement is limited. Infection via the bloodstream also can cause red spots on the skin containing pus, fever, malaise or pain in multiple joints that move from one joint to other joints (arthritis-dermatitis syndrome). Infection can occur heart (endocarditis).
Infectious wrappings liver (perihepatitis) can cause pain that resembles the abnormalities of the gallbladder.
Complications that occur can be treated and rarely fatal, but the cure for arthritis or endocarditis was slow.

Diagnosis based on the results of microscopic examination of pus, which found the bacteria that causes gonorrhea. If the microscopic examination found no bacteria, then performed in a laboratory culture. If it is suspected strep throat or rectum, taken samples from this area and created a culture.

Gonorrhea is usually treated with a single injection of intramuscular ceftriaxone (intramuscularly) or by giving antibiotics by mouth (orally) for 1 week (usually given doxycycline).
If gonorrhea has spread through the bloodstream, usually the patient admitted to the hospital and get antibiotics intravenously (through a vein, IV).
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Avoid going to School

Avoid going to school was about 5% of all school-age children and affects girls and boys equally. Children are sensitive to the possibility of wrong behavior frightened by a strict teacher or nagging. Young children tend to be malingering or making excuses to avoid school. The child may complain of abdominal pain, nausea, or other symptoms that give reason to stay home. Some children refuse to go directly to the school. As an alternative, the child can go to school without difficulty but become agitated or experiencing various symptoms during study hours, often frequently to the infirmary. Avoidance of school tends to lead to poor academic performance, difficulties in the family, and difficulties with peers. A child who avoids school must immediately return to school, so she does not miss school work. If avoidance is so intense school-related activities and the child if the child does not respond to simple persuasion by parents or teachers, submit to a psychologist or psychiatrist probably help.
Every child handles stress differently. Certain behaviors that help children deal with stress include thumb sucking, nail biting, and, sometimes, hitting his head.
Thumb sucking (or sucking a pacifier) is a normal part of early childhood, and most children stop at the time they are 1 or 2 years, but sometimes goes to their school age. Sometimes the thumb sucking is normal in times of stress, but the habit of sucking past the age of about 5 years can change the shape of the palate, causing changes in the line of the teeth, and make harassed by other children. Sometimes thumb prolonged basis could be a sign of emotional disturbance.
Every child immediately stopped sucking his thumb. Parents should be prevented only if their child's dentist advised them as well, or if they feel their child's thumb sucking is socially unhealthy. Parents need to gently encourage the child to understand why it is good to stop. Once the child indicates a willingness to stop, gentle good start. This could be followed by a symbolic award mounted directly on the thumb, such as colored bands, polished fingernails, or draw a star with a dye that contains no toxins, if necessary, additional tools, such as a plastic shield around the thumb, elbow splint overnight to prevent a child from bending, or 'paint' your thumb with a bitter substances could be used. Nail biting is a common problem in young children. Habits are usually lost when the child gets older, but usually associated with stress and anxiety. Children who are motivated to quit can be taught to substitute with other habits (eg, twirling a pencil).
Hitting his head and swung his head rhythmically is common among healthy young children. It reminds parents, the child is not in issue and actually gain comfort from these activities.
Children usually are often rocked his body, rolled, and hit his head between the ages of 18 months to 2 years, but the action is repetitive sometimes still occur in older children and adolescents.
Children with autism and certain other developmental problems can also bang their head.

Treatment should include communication between parents and school personnel, diligent attendance at school, and sometimes include the family and child therapy with a psychologist. Therapy includes treatment that is based on the same cause behavioral techniques for coping with stress at school.
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Do not be afraid of sunlight

Solar heat can be friends and enemies, on the one hand, the heat of the sun takes a lot of people to life - today, on the other hand the sun's heat can damage the skin, then how to make friends with the sun .. ?
Undeniably this earth is getting hotter longer, it is very pronounced especially for people - people who live in cities - large cities, because more and more rare trees in the city of big cities.
Hot weather conditions like this makes a lot of people lazy to go out during the day. Apart from fear of skin is blackened, they also fear kultnya become damaged.
To reduce damage to skin caused by sunburn. You can also do some small things, one of them diligently cleaning the skin. The weather is hot and dirty is one of the main enemy of the skin. Dust and dirt that clog the pores of the skin will add a thick pile of dead skin cells and skin impurities.
Therefore, treatment of porters tyang main thing is clean the skin, because if not washed properly, it can appear blackheads / pimples as a result of these things above.
Drinking lots of water is also believed good for the skin, in addition to green tea treatment can be performed as an alternative. Polyphenois Green tea contains antioxidants that can fight free radicals that can damage the body and helps maintain your skin.
In addition you can perform regular skin scrubs, skin looks dull, is usually caused by dirt and cells - dead skin cells that clog pores - pores. To overcome this, you should use a scrub or scrub regularly.
It aims to remove impurities and cell - cell death perfectly, making the skin can breathe a sigh of relief and are able to absorb the nutrients optimally.
Do not forget also to avoid direct sun, especially sunlight at the top at 10.00am. To anticipate you can use the right skin care products coupled with the sun block .... So .... Do not be afraid of sunlight
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