Lifestyle Reduce Risk

heart is an organ that formed the earliest and most recent death. Normally the heart is able to work for 80 years without stopping. Every day, the heart pump more than 80 thousand liters of blood throughout the body. If before 80 Ahun a heart attack or stroke, usually caused by a lifestyle that is not loving heart: :-D Heart disease characterized by excruciating pain in the chest, head feels empty, cold sweat until the abdomen feels uncomfortable, symptoms similar to disorders of the stomach. Some risk factors for heart disease comes from the unhealthy lifestyles that could have been prevented. Lifestyle bad for the heart, among others, smoking, body weight and waist circumference excess, lack of movement up to a number of diseases caused by wrong diet, such as high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure. Risk factors that can not be changed are the descendants of people with heart or stroke than male family line-lakis when aged less than 55 years of age or lineage of women at age below 64 years. As you age, more than 45 years in men or more than 55 years on the women, the risk of heart attack increases. Heart disease is preventable through balancing the health of body and soul. Stress should be faced with patience and sincerity is always grateful for what you get. While the sport can be managed through regular physical activity and measurable, and with a balanced diet. Proper diet, schedule, number and type to minimize the risk of heart attack. Complete meal schedule should be done three times a day plus two snack such as fruit or healthy snacks. The amount of food consumed should be in accordance with the requirements, ie balance between energy intake and expenditure. Kind also must meet the elements of 55-65% carbohydrates, 10-15 percent protein and fat source of 5 percent. Consumption of carbohydrates recommended 5 percent of total calories because it is easily stored in the body and most easily lead to weight gain. Carbohydrates are encouraged to consume fiber-rich complex and are from various plants Cereal, starches, vegetables, fruits and tubers. Containing complex carbohydrates such as beta-glucan soluble fiber, gum or pectin. can lower blood cholesterol and the risk of heart panyakit. Complex carbohydrates that contain beta-glucan soluble fiber found in oat

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