The Benefits To Taking a Cold Shower

Before I start I want to note that I like taking warm showers in fact taking a nice warm shower is in my opinion the most relaxing part of the day but one day I was talking to a friend of mine and he was a big James bond fan and he told me that James Bond always took his showers first hot then turned them cold. I thought this was weird so I researched why someone would do this and I found startling results. To this day I take warm and then cold showers and this is why.

1. First if you ever found the water turn cold really fast you will feel your heart nearly rip out of your chest. Well this beating heart helps you improve circulation this helps you recover from an exercise. It also just helps cleanse your body even if you don't exercise.

2. This one you probably didn't know but by taking a cold shower it relieves depression. So if you have had a bad day and feel like crap and just want to take a warm shower. Then you probably could use a cold shower. Research at the Department of Radiation Oncology at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine shows that cold showers stimulate the "blue spot" part of the brain which produce chemicals that help fight depression.

3. It helps both your hair and your skin. Hot water can dry up your skin (weird water that dries out your skin). Not only does it make it healthier it makes it look better to since the cold water would close up your pores making your skin look a lot smoother and better.

4. Taking a cold shower also helps your immune system. It helps your immune system by making you body produce more white blood cells. Scientists aren't completely sure why that is but there pretty sure it's a side-affect of having an increased metabolic rate because your body is trying to warm yourself.

5. The next health benefit seems somewhat contradictory. You know how it's commonly known that a cure for being, there's no political way to say this, horny is to get a pitcher of ice water and to dump it onto your groin. Well turns out that doesn't work. Taking a cold water actually increases testosterone. Of course if you are a woman reading this then that doesn't mean you will be growing a beard.

6. This one also doesn't affect you if you are a woman but taking a cold shower increases your fertility. The reason why your balls are outside of your body is because there not made to be as warm as the rest of your body. Having warm testes makes your sperm count drop. The amount your fertility increases when your not exposed to "wet heat" is actually pretty incredible. People who took roughly 30 minute baths every other day and then stopped had an increase in sperm of nearly 500%.

7. Also this one you can feel for yourself if you have ever taken a cold shower you will know that when you hop out of the shower you have a spring in your step. For different people this extra energy boost can last all day or only a few minutes. For me I feel a difference for a few hours.

It should be noted that taking cold showers are not recommended if you have a heart condition. Also don't just turn on the cold water instantly. You gotta ease into it slowly turn up the cold bit by bit. Otherwise getting a shock of cold can be a very painful experience.

 by Garik Tate
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5947662

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