Behind the Diet Benefits

Hearing the word diet, it is often thought brought on a diet which aims to achieve a slim body. but it is not entirely correct, because the diet can be useful to achieve other health goals.Unity refers to the dictionary Indonesian nutritionist, diet and consumption patterns is the arrangement of food and beverages are prohibited, limited in number, modified, or be allowed a certain amount for the purpose of illness treatment, health or weight loss.would not be surprised if there is heart diet, low calorie diet for diabetics, low-salt diet for people with hypertension in addition there is also a low-protein diet for people with chronic kidney disease, and diet for people with gout and purine or uric acid.Back on the working principle of the body, like a machine body never stopped working. Synergy of the workings of various organs of this body will support every step of productivity. Therefore you need a fuel that is food seseuai with many activities.You can not haphazardly put food into the body, the article when a lot of bad substances into the body, can inhibit automatic and metabolism, and weakens the immune system. Examples of poor is much gained from animal foods full of saturated fat and high cholesterol. In the right amount of body fat is actually needed as energy or calories, just as important as other nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates from minerals. Ideally working synergy of nutritional elements will support optimal health and enhance one's productivity.And like many health experts disclosed by, eat a variety of food to get all the complete and balanced nutrition. But what happened the perception of this concept to be wrong.wish to vary the existing food mengasup even carelessly devoured food without seeing the value of nutrition in accordance with the body. This sparked a lot of health problems such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes and coronary heart disease.From here we are again made aware that setting a proper diet and balance needed for the body to optimally efficient. Thus was born the idea that a diet tailored to the needs of everyone. Even the diet has been developed from the tradition of eating in an area or country, such as the Mediterranean diet and the Okinawa Diet

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