Weight Loss Enemy

Can you guess what the worst weight loss enemy is? Well, Just look around in your kitchen, your fridge or food pantry. There's no doubt about it that the number 1 weight loss enemy is SUGAR.
Sugar is the form of carbohydrate. It includes the natural form such as fructose (found in fruits) or lactose (found in milk) and the refined form such as sucrose (found in processed food).
Studies have shown that nowadays Americans have consumed much more sugar than their grandparents did several decades ago. An average American consumes about 154 lbs of sugar every year. And the sugar is typically found in the soft drinks, process food/ packaged food, which is high in calories. As a result of excess sugar intake, it has the significant consequence; that is, sugar prevents people from weight loss.
How to reduce sugar intake?
1.) Try to eat low-sugar fresh fruits for snacks or as desserts, instead of candy bar, cookies or cakes. Low-sugar fruits are lemon, cranberries, cantaloupe, kiwifruit, clementine, pineapple, grapefruit, cherries and strawberries.

2.) Stop adding sugar to your cereal, tea, or coffee. For your cereal, you can add fresh fruit and nuts to make it a powerful and healthy breakfast. As for tea and coffee, they basically do your body more harm than good, except for green tea. If you need tea or coffee to wake you up, you are definitely not eating for energy. It's about time to take a close look at your everyday diet.

3.) Only drink sugar-free or low-sugar drinks. It's found in recent studies that most Americans consume 500 to 1000 calories a day in drinks, such as soda, milk shake, artificial fruit juice and some sports drink, which is one of the main reasons for shocking increase in weight gain.

4.) Get into the habit of reading labels. By reading these Nutrition Facts on the foods or drinks, it helps you to cut down the sugar consumption. One thing you need to be aware of is those words ending with 'ose'. Basically it is another way of saying "sugar".

5.) Watch out for sugar-free products. These products as well as some sweeteners contain as many or more calories as the real sugar products. Don't be fooled by them! If you really need to have some sugar, you are better of eating the real sugar than this fake sugar.

The bottom line...
Now, you know how to reduce sugar intake. If you start to make changes right away, you will see great weight loss result real soon. Your body has the natural ability to return you to the state of energy and health that nature intended. Your body can heal itself when you give it the basic, real nutrition it needs.


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